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AI Applications in Infectious Diseases in Africa

Mamadou Alpha Diallo of Cheikh Anta Diop University in Senegal will apply Large Language Models (LLMs) to improve decision-making, policy development, resource allocation and communication to help combat infectious diseases in Africa. They will use ChatGPT-4 to analyze and interpret epidemiological data, clinical records, and research literature to help predict outbreaks, identify priority areas for interventions, and evaluate the potential impacts of specific policies. The information produced will include tailored messages, educational materials, and real-time updates on disease trends and prevention strategies for healthcare workers, policymakers, and affected communities. This tool is expected to achieve the following impact in LMICs: enable faster, more accurate, and more inclusive decision making; strengthen the healthcare system at all levels from the healthcare worker to the policymaker; result in the reduction of disease burden; and reduce healthcare disparities through enhanced equity and access to information, resources, and interventions.

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