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Develop Needle-Free Delivery Systems



Multiple advances in formulation and drug delivery and new ideas for activating immune cells in skin and in various mucosal surfaces create the possibility of effective immunization routes that may optimize the development of protective immunity and avoid the multiple risks and drawbacks of the use of needles in vaccination.


Most current childhood vaccines require syringe and needle administration for effective immunization.  This route is associated with increased risk of infections (HIV, HBV, HCV) through inappropriate re-use of needles or syringes and a major waste disposal problem.


To develop effective needle-free delivery systems for vaccine administration via mucosal (oral, nasal, aerosol), transcutaneous and other approaches.

Potential Benefits

  • Simplicity and ease of administration
  • Avoidance of infection from inappropriate re-use of needles
  • Improved access and compliance
  • Reduction of logistic cost

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