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Grand Challenges Explorations Round 12 Opened

  • Sep 4, 2013

In the twelfth round of Grand Challenges Explorations, proposals were solicited that targeted the following topics: inciting healthy behaviors, developing research tools and models for enteric dysfunction, innovations for more effective agriculture development systems, bringing together human and animal health for new solutions, and developing the next generation of condom.

The new topic "Inciting Healthy Behaviors: nudge, disrupt, leapfrog, reach" seeks ideas from multiple strategic areas including infectious disease prevention, vaccine delivery, nutrition, and maternal and child health. The new topic "Novel Enabling Tools and Models Supporting Development of Interventions for Enteric Dysfunction" seeks innovations to support preclinical development of new agents for acute secretory diarrhea and environmental enteric dysfunction. The new agriculture topic – "Innovations in Feedback & Accountability Systems for Agricultural Development" – seeks ideas for how to integrate the perspective of the constituents in all phases of project development.

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