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 Grand Challenges: Gut Function Biomarkers Grant Opportunity

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation sought letters of inquiry for the new grant program Biomarkers of Gastrointestinal (Gut) Function and Health.

This program is part of a new biomarker grand challenge under the Grand Challenges in Global Health, a suite of grant programs intended to help overcome bottlenecks that prevent the creation of new and better health solutions for the developing world.

With $9 million in funding, the goal of this grant opportunity is to identify and validate biomarkers capable of assessing gut function to improve the health and development of children in the developing world. This funding initiative is specifically intended to identify promising biomarkers that accurately reflect physical and physiological properties of the structural or functional integrity of the gut—especially the ileum or small bowel.

Grants were awarded in December 2012. Read more about these projects by clicking here.

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